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    Good morning everyone,

    I've got 2 BES servers running, both on a win2k3 box. Our carrier is verizon, and all the phones synced to both servers are Storms. Both servers are showing the issue stated below.

    Verizon finally released a new firmware for the storm (.148) and i was interested in pushing this out to my phone to test.

    When i goto the Upgrades tab in the BB manager, right click and do a "View/Upgrade Software", Leave everything default and click Continue, It asks what version i want to upgrade to and in the desc box the whole thing is in Hungarian. For example:

    BlackBerry 4.7A frissítés a BlackBerry Device Software alkalmazáshoz tartalmaz újdonságokat. Ha a vezeték nélküli hálózaton keresztül tölti le, elképzelhető, hogy díjat számolnak fel.

    Now if i click continue to push out the update despite the desc, i never get a notification on the phone. The server eventually says it failed, and then i can't even try to push the update out again.

    From that point on now it just immediately tells me "An Upgrade Software request failed to be queued for 0 users and no upgrades were available for 1 users." When i try to walk through the steps again above.

    So i guess i've got 2 questions here.
    First why is the desc showing in Hungarian when i'm using a US based carrier?

    Second how do i get the server that failed to allow me to push upgrades again instead of just failing immediately?

    I appreciate any help or insight you guys might be able to provide. This is my first set of BES servers. I use to support a fleet of Treo's using wireless sync, but the BES is a whole new beast!

    07-02-09 11:14 AM
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    So no ideas on this one? Maybe i need to contact BB or verizon.

    07-10-09 10:34 AM