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    My company just installed BES Express about 5 months ago. Not sure what version. I just was allowed to activate on my BB. After the activation i there are sms, mms, bbm, folders on BES Icon on my handheld. I have verizon and this is a personal phone. I pay the bill, my company gives everyone 50$ a month for their cell phone bill. Out of 300 or so ppl that are allowed this expense there is only 7 of us that have BB's. My question is, can my IT guy still see my sms/mms msgs? I have read the other posts and some say they can and some say they can't.
    02-03-11 09:07 AM
  2. silly_walk's Avatar
    On BESx, if I can see the logs for SMS, I still haven't found where they would be. On the BPS, it was possible to turn on the logging in the IT Policy, but I'm pretty sure they removed the option from Express.
    02-03-11 09:47 AM
  3. SlickVic's Avatar
    So is any of this being sent to my bes or is it just going through my verizon data plan?

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    02-03-11 11:01 AM
  4. titanjhb's Avatar
    I don't think its possible to log SMS/MMS/Calls on BESx, as far as I understand that's one of the policies that isn't available with express.
    02-04-11 07:33 AM
  5. SlickVic's Avatar
    Thank You.
    02-04-11 08:12 AM