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    We have a BES Server with just 14 Clients. We are running BES and Exchange 2007. Everything seems fine with Exchange. We have over the last couple of months starting having problems that support can not figure out. We have users whose email does not reconcile(sometimes after manually selecting reconcile now) even though their IT policy is set to do so. We have some users whose messages deleted of of the Blackberry stays in outlook. But our biggest issue is about once a week BES stops sending email. Upon looking at the logs, It appears that the Messaging agent has crashed. Support had me add the agent to Data Execution prevention to see if that would help. And we also created a whole new BB service account. Well, it happened again. I notice my exchange server is showing EVENT ID 9646, closing session because of too many MAPI connections of 'objtype', all from the Blackberry service account. A reboot of the BES server and all is fine for a few days. Any ideas what can be causing this, because it appears that Blackberry support is stuck and so am I!. Thank you very much
    09-25-07 01:55 PM
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    Never got that error but the issue where users deleted messages from BB and stayed in Outllook or deleted from Outlook and stayed on BB. Support had me install same Exchange SP on the. BES as I had on Exchange so some DLL files matched up.

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    09-28-07 01:46 PM