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    Hello All,

    I am attempting to migrate from an on-premise BES to BES Cloud Business Service provided by office 365. The issue that I encounter in order to make this happen is that I need to wipe the blackberry prior to performing the cloud enterprise activation. I've read that you can get around this by initiating an 'organization data only wipe' from within the on-prem bes server, but reading further, this seems to be a new feature with BES version 5, and my on-prem bes is version Anyone know of another work around that will avoid me having to have the end users perform the wipe?

    thanks in advance for your input!
    01-14-14 07:32 AM
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    Wow ... still on 4.1 - that's impressive :-)

    I don't think you can do anything other than wiping the device and start from scratch.

    I was wondering what happens if you just perform another enterprise activation without wiping.

    BES 4/5 works by having som extra properties on each item in the mailbox, telling BES if the item has been discovered and synchronized to the device. This prevents duplicates on the handhelds.

    It is probably 150% unsupported, but you could try to see if the properties are still present after migrating the mailboxes to Office 365 and test re-activation with one "less important BB device".

    It seems that you can connect to Office 365 using MFCMapi to inspect the properties:
    How to use MFCMAPI to create a MAPI profile to connect to Office 365 - For lack of a better word - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    As far as I remember all BES properties startes with PR_RIM_...
    One example is found here:
    KB30324-Email messages are removed from the BlackBerry Smartphone

    It been quite some years since I played around this (Antivirus issue preventing email synchronization from working correctly), but as far as I remember there is 3-4 PR_RIM_.... properties on an item that has been processed by BES.

    The safe play would be to wipe and reactivate.
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    01-14-14 08:04 AM
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    yeah, just as I thought, but I had to ask. I've got over a hundred users and all are sales folks and all are remote. really not looking forward to the backup/wipe technique. if I try to perform another enterprise activation, as expected, I'm told it the device needs to be wiped. it will perform the activation if I wipe it, but was hoping I could find a work around. thanks for your response in such quick fashion.
    01-14-14 09:12 AM