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    Ive got at problem with syncing the Calendars from the BB devices to the Outlook Calendar.
    Our installation is:
    - Exchange 2007 Sp1 Rolup 8 on a Win2003 R2 SP2 64Bit
    - BES on Win2003 sp2 32Bit with CDO 1.2.1, no MMC and no Outlook Client (running on VMWare)
    - BESAdmin is only DomUser and mbr of Exchange groups as req, given all nessesary rights to BESAdmin, and running as local administrator on the BES server

    The system is working fine, except from the Calender sync from the device to Outlook. I've also tried to update the different devices 8707, 8100 and 8110 with the latest firmware, before running the enterprise activation, without any help.

    Anyone got any ide to what I've missed.

    Thanks for any help

    07-02-09 02:28 AM
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    Quick update on Event Viewer Application error when trying to sync an appointment from BB Device to Outlook:
    Source Blackberry Messagin Agent
    {droopy@fih.dk} Synchronize() failed: ERR_FAIl, Tag=54748
    07-02-09 02:37 AM
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    I'm so happy now. The solution was that I've forgotten the CDO regkey we need when we've disabled the Public Folders on our Exchange environment! The solution is described in BBs tech note "KB15582 BlackBerry Enterprise Server might not work correctly in Microsoft Exchange 2007 environments without public folders"

    Short I needed to enter the following key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem\CDO With the Dword called 'Ignore No PF' and assign it a decimal value of 1

    07-02-09 02:57 AM