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    I've just noticed that my S6 Android on BES 12 is not receiving any emails from BES or from the other pop account I have configured after the phone 1 hour lock screen is activated.

    I hit the home button, get the lock screen, unlock and don't see the vpn key. after a few seconds I see the key then the emails get delivered. I don't believe this is default behavior correct? Should I be getting these notifications even when the phone has do the inactivity lock? Have I set something to go to sleep? Even if the phone turns off wifi, should the cellular data bring in the messges?

    I don't believe I saw this before. Every night I get a few status emails and they have always been there waiting the next morning. Now I won't see them until I unlock the phone and it connects and pulls them down. What changed?
    07-11-16 05:16 PM
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    I've just noticed that my S6 Android on BES 12 is not receiving any emails from BES or from the other pop account I have configured after the phone 1 hour lock screen is activated.
    Have you recently updated it to Marshmallow? - http://www.androidcentral.com/inside...hat-does-it-do
    07-12-16 01:31 AM
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    I think that my have been it. The s6 is on Marshmallow and I believe I observed the behavior when it was sitting motionless overnight and NOT plugged in (charging). Last night I was plugged in and I received my overnight emails. I've disabled all apps from Doze and will see what happens tonight not plugged in. I'll also have to watch battery consumption to see what impact disabling has.

    I also noticed on Monday that BBM consumed 50% of battery and took me from full charge to 38% at days end. I wasn't even using BBM. I have temporarily uninstalled BBM and that problem seems to have gone away.


    07-12-16 12:58 PM
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    Well not so fast I left the phone plugged in last night. Forgot to take it with me today (still my test phone). When I got home tonight I pulled it out and saw no email notifications on the lock screen. I did see a phone call and voicemail on the lock screen. When I unlocked it, there was no AFW key in the upper notification area. After a few seconds it appeared and then I got an instant email notification.

    Something is causing the phone to stop communicating and not retrieve emails no matter whether they are work or pop3 (I have a pop account defined as well).

    After I made this post I put the phone down for a few hours causing the lock screen to activate (1 hour). I then sent an email to the work account. No notification... I then sent an email to the hotmail account. I got a notification. I unlocked the phone, no AFW key (is it AFW or is it BES VPN? Not sure.. update I did a little poking around and it appears that the key is indicating VPN). Then key showed up, then I got the work email notification. Something is causing the work to disconnect and only connect after I've unlocked the phone. Guess I'm going to open a ticket unless someone has any insight as to why it's not staying connected.

    I went into the doze area and disabled all apps from dozing. (yesturday) and yet today I had a similar situation (all the time connected to power, and in range of wifi).

    What else can i look for?


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    07-13-16 07:02 PM
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    Ok, I played with it a little more this morning. The VPN is disconnecting after 1 hour of inactivity. I changed the lock screen to 1 minute but the vpn remained active. I left the phone for more than an hour and the VPN was disconnected. Once I go past the lock screen the key comes back and my work email comes down.

    07-14-16 12:13 PM
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    I decided to reconfigure my phone to see if this problem is related to anything I did. I deleted the AFW (removed BES), did a complete wipe of the phone and started fresh. This time I didn't install any of my tweaks (special launcher, Priv apps etc), just used the email client that appears wtih AFW. Went in and turned off all the apps in the battery optimize (doze). The VPN drops after an hour of inactivity.

    Are there any other "sleep" settings in android? Any other wifi sleep settings? I haven't found any and don't remember seeing this problem when I was using KNOX instead of AFW. Only problem with KNOX is that I can't get my fancy icon notification counts like I do with AFW. That's a pretty big deal for me, but if I can't fix it, I'm going back to KNOX.


    07-15-16 08:13 AM
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    I just found somethig really telling about my BSCP dropping issue. I decided to turn off wifi and see what happens. As it turns out with no wifi the BSCP connection stays connected all the time. What's this telling me? My wifi connection turns off after an hour of inactivity. I had already gone into wifi advanced (marshmallow) and set keep wifi on during sleep. That was already set. Yet it still seems to be disconnecting. Problem with the setting? Not sticking? Policy override? But if wifi does go to sleep after an hour shoudn't BSCP switch over and pick up cellular data and re-establish the connection? Puzzling.

    07-15-16 03:59 PM
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    Since this is a Samsung S6 Active as such there is NOT a marshmallow release from the carrier. I followed a guide to install MM. I'm if my problems are a result of my MM installation method. It sure seems like my BES 12 issue is more of a WIFI/sleep power issue than anything else. Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks.
    07-15-16 04:42 PM
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    Did you update BSCP. Make sure to accept permissions by going to the apps tab in BES.

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    07-16-16 01:26 AM
  10. Roveer's Avatar
    Not sure I understand "did you update" It installs automatically when activating the phone. tried updating it in the play store on the user side and it wouldn't let me. I tried in the AFW side and it didn't show up in a search.

    Version in the play store is same as what is on the phone

    I keep finding the vpn disconnected no matter whether i'm on wifi or mobile.

    I'm going to set up on one of my tablets running lolipop and see what happens.
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    07-17-16 10:48 PM

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