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    I will keep it short.... here we go!

    My boss bought 8830 one from USA to replace the damaged BB (as per our internal policy - user has to take response for the lost/damage one). We only check that 8830 is an approved model globally for our firm but didn't check that it's not even available in Asia for this model. To be honest, I know nothing about BB so I can only following with IT team to set up BB.

    Strange enough it was working for a few days and then can only send out message. TI team tried everything they could do but it still doesn't work. And when we contact AIS (network provider in Thailand : GSM800/900 and/or 1800 - not so sure) but they never reply on this issue. I don't blame them in the case that there is no technical support for the model that they are not selling. Plus we didn't buy BB from them but we use their SIM card. And if they have to do research for this case only I don't think they are willing to spend time doing this unless they have a project to sell this model here soon.

    I don't think there is Blackberry branch in Thailand otherwise I will just run to them. No any company would give me a hand on this except in the public forum like this but the thing is you guys are not in Thailand and to help fixing this I guess you will need more information too but for now I can't provide anything yet. IT team told me that it looked like BB cannot find GPRS signal but I have no idea what exactly error message was. I have asked but I think they said something like it just cant map with the network here somehow. But how come it was working for sometime at first.

    Laptop of my boss use WINDOW 2000 and MS.Office 2003 (how low tech! lol But I guess the HQ in NY might using something different. Thailand is far away, maybe 10 years later we will be lucky enough to use WINXP. Working in a huge organisation esp* a US company can be a pain, too many policies to read/follow/break)

    Right, this is not short really..... don't hate me ;O
    03-27-08 08:48 AM
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    The 8830 is a CDMA phone, so not only does it use different frequencies, but it uses a different signalling protocol than GSM phones. It will not operate on AIS' network, but a quick look says it might operate on Hutch. No promises though.
    03-31-08 11:52 AM