1. anon(1092934)'s Avatar
    I upgraded our BESX to 5.0.3 over the weekend so that we could enable BlackBerry Balance for select users after we received a strong push that users do not like carrying a personal BlackBerry and a corporate BlackBerry (understandable - and why I chose to not to have a corporate device).

    I've configured Balance and tested it on my personal BlackBerry, and yes it does work well, but I've ran into a couple snags regarding personal device synchronizations. The users wish to be able to sync their own personal address books, calendars, memos and tasks on their Home PC - but BESX disables this functionality and BB Desktop Manager refuses to sync data to the device.

    Is there anyway that I can configure BESX (via IT Policies or something) to allow users to use Desktop Manager to manage/sync their personal data (calendars, contacts, memos, tasks) - but deny them sync access to corporate BESX data?
    06-20-11 11:26 AM
  2. anon(1092934)'s Avatar
    What we have chosen to do is have a "Personal Device" Group/Policy, and a "Corporate Device" Group/Policy.

    A Corporate Device will have all the standard BES policies (security, password, etc), but a Personal Device I have done the following on:
    1. Disabled "Wireless PIM Synchronization" so that they can still sync their BlackBerrys at home (they won't get their Exchange Calendar, Contacts, Memos, or Tasks pushed to their phone - but none of the users are really concerned about that, they just want email).
    2. Enforced BB Balance policies (cannot forward BES items using personal channels, cannot copy/paste into a personal item from a business item, etc).
    3. Plus the standard security + password policy set.
    06-28-11 11:40 PM
  3. martinjdub's Avatar
    Great info, thanks guys.

    I to am about to test Balance within our company....
    ...12 test users...here we go!
    05-18-12 04:14 PM