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    Via email, I get a JPG picture, and I would like to save it into the Picture folder of the Q10. I am logged in as "Personal" but as I swipe "save as" it takes me automtically to the "Device-work/Pictures" and I dont want to save it tin the "work picture" forlder. Any pointers how I can save the pic in my "personal" picture foolder instead? thanks
    07-22-13 10:20 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Moved the the balance section were you can get some better eyes on the thread!
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    07-22-13 10:32 AM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Work data saves to work side. That is how the system is designed. If it comes through that method, that will be how you can save it. This prevents the leak of work data.
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    07-22-13 11:49 AM
  4. smoothrunnings's Avatar
    It's a work email you can only save images on you work side. The purpose of balance is to reduce your companies data leakage problem.
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    07-22-13 11:50 AM

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