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    I have the Silver BES12 Cloud subscription setup on my personal BlackBerry. I want to do a backup before upgrading the OS and link gives me an error about not being able to backup items in the Work areas and an enterpirse key is required. This makes sense.

    I log into the BES12 Cloud console to see if there is an IT policy to enable Link backups, but couldn't find it. I then try the help function and search the BES12 users manual, with no success. Back on the BES12 console, I select the device I want to backup, but there is no backup option.

    I realize a lot of the data is synced through Office365, but any files or app data not synced by this seems to have no option for backup through Link or the BES12 Cloud.

    Am I missing something obvious?
    06-03-15 07:29 AM
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    Normally there should be no need for backing up the workside as all informations are synced via EAS. BUT you are right with documents stored on the work side. Ther IS a policy to allow backup of the workside, as I am not at my desk at the moment I can only advise you to go through the sender policy list.

    Posted via CB10
    06-03-15 11:50 PM
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    Any update on this? I am about to try wiping my Passport and removing the Bes12 Activation. I haven't seen a way to backup any files stored on the work side of the phone.


    There is now the option to backup enterprise data in link.
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    09-28-15 07:53 AM

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