1. Cryotic's Avatar
    Dear BlackBerry admins,

    Our company has a BES server.

    I'm having difficulties installing the application Nav4All wireless to our BlackBerry users.

    The wireless push itself works perfectly, users can start and use Nav4All on their BlackBerry units without incident.

    Now for my problem; the Application Control Policy.

    In short this ACP should make sure that when you do push out a application it will have the permissions set on the unit in order for it to run. This prevents users from having to acknowledge these permissions themselfs.

    So when making a Software Configuration for the application Nav4All I also made a APC to go along with it. But when I start the application Nav4All I still get asked to save permissions.

    Probally the APC doesnt include all the permissions needed for Nav4All. So when starting Nav4All I save the asked permissions, but when restarting Nav4All I keep getting asked for permissions?

    Is there a setting where the APC is being forced to the unit, so when you restart the application the APC will reset permissions?
    06-11-08 09:52 AM