1. derekmccoy's Avatar
    Is anyone having activation issues with the latest Android client?
    Getting 3006 error with Android Enterprise and "unexpected internal error" when doing an MDM controls activation.
    Sideloading an older client works for MDM controls but AE pulls the latest direct from BB so I can't activate AE
    I did have one successful AE activation but it was after 5 failed ones (with a factory reset every time) and even then, the work profile was created and the UEM client was installed, but it wasn't activated, I had to activate it manually. Very odd.
    08-02-19 05:50 PM
  2. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    Mdm controls was depreciated by Google last I checked.
    Dunt Dunt Dunt likes this.
    09-14-19 09:36 PM
  3. webmeister's Avatar
    MDM via the UEM will be deprecated as of Android 10 according to BlackBerry. I am still able to activate with MDM on my Keyone which uses 7.1.1.

    that aside, I am successfully activated with an Android Enterprise activation and with the latest UEM beta client.

    Likely this is old news for you and you've moved on but I thought I'd share. :-)
    11-26-19 08:24 AM

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