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    I've been making myself a few ringtones recently using old and current wrestling entrance songs, and decided to share them on here for anyone who wants them. I put them in folders & will list what each folder contains. If you want anything that I don't have, then feel free to PM a request or put one in here & I'll do my best to help you out.
    12-01-11 07:34 AM
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    Folder 1 - 12 files.

    "Modest" by Peroxwhy?gen - Jeff Hardy TNA theme (first version)
    "Sting Theme" - Sting WCW theme during his "Crow" gimmick
    "Sumo" - Yokozuna WWF theme
    Ric Flairs 1st WWF theme - NOT "Also Thrust Zarathustra"
    Rikishi & Too Cool - 1st WWF theme
    Crash & Hardcore Holly WWF theme
    The Undertaker - "Dead Man" (theme during his "American Badass gimmick)
    The Ultimate Warrior WWF theme
    Lex Luger - 2nd theme during his All American gimmick
    Kurt Angle - Medal remix (WWF theme)
    Shannon Moore - I'll Do Anything (instrumental) WWF Theme
    Marc Mero - theme during his WWF "Marvellous Marc Mero" gimmick.
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    12-01-11 07:50 AM
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    Folder 2 - 16 files
    Basic Thuganomics - John Cena WWE Theme (instrumental version)
    Big Boss Man - WWE theme as The Corporations Head of Security
    Blue Blood - Triple H's WWF theme during his "Connecticut Blueblood" gimmick
    Booker T - WCW Theme
    Christian Cage - his TNA theme
    Just Close Your Eyes - Christian's WWE theme by Waterproof Blonde
    MNM - MNM/Melina's WWE theme
    Mr. Anderson - his TNA theme
    Mr. Perfect - his WWF theme
    My World - Jeff Jarrett TNA theme
    The Beautiful People - Velvet Sky/The Beautiful People's TNA theme
    The Brood - Gangrel/The Brood WWE theme
    The Ministry Of Darkness - The Undertakers theme during his Ministry of Darkness gimmick
    The Rockers - The Rockers/Marty Jannetty/The New Rockers WWF Theme
    This Is Extreme - Classic ECW theme
    Virgil - WWF theme
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    12-01-11 08:05 AM
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    Folder 3 - 25 files

    ...To Be Loved - WWE Raw theme by Papa Roach
    Bret Hart - 2nd WWF theme
    Christian - "At Last" WWF theme
    Cult Of Personality 2 - CM Punks current WWE theme
    DeGeneration X - instrumental version of WWF theme
    Diesel Blues - Kevin Nash's WWF theme 2nd theme as "Diesel"
    ECW "Oh My God" - Classic Joey Styles quote from the original ECW TV programming
    Glass Shatters - Stone Cold Steve Austin theme performed by Disturbed
    Hands Of Wicked - Winters current TNA theme
    Ink Inc - Tattooed Attitude, their current TNA theme
    Kaientai - 1st WWF theme
    Kane - His 1st WWF theme
    Legion Of Doom - WWF theme
    Lita - "It Just Feels Right" WWF theme - instrumental
    Main Event Mafia - TNA theme
    Stone Cold Steve Austin - Classic WWF theme
    Tara - Current TNA theme
    Tatanka "The War Chant" - Tatanka's War Chant
    Tatanka "The War Dance" - 1st WWF theme
    Tattooed Attitude (Instrumental) - Ink Inc's current TNA theme, instrumental version
    The Hardy Boyz - The Hardy Boyz/Jeff Hardy WWE theme
    The Rock - His WWE theme during his heel run approx 2003
    Triple H - My Time from the WWE Anthology cd
    Vampiro - 2nd WCW theme
    We're All Together Now - WWF Raw Is War theme
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    12-01-11 08:43 AM
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    I'm looking for the NWO wolfpack
    theme music
    06-21-13 02:42 PM
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    10-21-13 04:08 AM
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