1. levyo1's Avatar
    Is there anyway of turning off the keypad noise when dialing out, I have looked but can not find..
    10-19-11 02:00 PM
  2. up488's Avatar
    go into options>typing and language>keyboard and uncheck the key tone box
    10-19-11 04:13 PM
  3. up488's Avatar
    sorry nevermind, that just turns off the touch sound i believe
    10-19-11 04:17 PM
  4. Swamp55's Avatar
    I don't believe that there is a setting that will allow you to silence the dialing key pad (unless it is a new capability in OS7). But, as a workaround, you can temporarily switch your profile from Normal to Silent or Vibrate Only and the key pad will make no sound when dialing a call. I hope that will work for you.
    10-19-11 09:27 PM
  5. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    And that's the only way to turn of the Dialing Tones. You need to use the Silent or Vibrate profile.
    10-19-11 09:39 PM
  6. albee 1's Avatar
    Dialing from your contacts list is silent. Highlight a contact press what used to be the green button.

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    10-20-11 12:14 AM