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    I can Bluetooth ringtones that others' have created and uploaded to CrackBerry.com but cannot Bluetooth ringtones I have created/edited myself.

    So far, I've ruled out 1. Ringtone Format, 2. Title Format 3. Song Length. Is it possible that tracks are protected from being edited? If so, how does everyone else get around this?

    Is there a reason why I'm having an error using ringtones I create myself?

    Most recently, I've tried to create the following ringtone:

    Song Artist: Ricky Blaze feat. Ron Browz, Red Cafe, & Nicki Minaj
    Song Title: I Feel Free
    Start Time: 2:52
    End Time: 3:27
    Track can be found at: zSHARE - Ricky Blaze Feat Punch_ Red Cafe_ Ron Browz and Nicki Minaj - Feel Free.mp3
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    06-20-09 12:19 PM
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