1. Eli8330's Avatar
    so i have been emailing these ringers to my phone, but when i go to the email, i cant click and save the file to my phone. someone help quick!
    05-22-09 05:03 PM
  2. plunkingtom's Avatar
    hmm i have used the ota function for my tones...but you should have an option to save attachment in the menu. Then in media you can make it a tone if it is not don all ready...
    05-22-09 05:07 PM
  3. Eli8330's Avatar
    yeah i dont have that option
    05-22-09 05:11 PM
  4. Rome39's Avatar
    I have successfully downloaded via email several free ringtones to my blackberry however when trying to get more of them, I am either not receiving them on my blackberry or when I do receive them I am unable to play them ("the media being played is of an unsupported format"). I have also noticed a red asterick by the email tab when sending them to my blackberry. Can anyone tell my why this is happenning or what can I do to fix this problem???!!!
    05-22-09 05:28 PM
  5. Eli8330's Avatar
    cool, someone help me out here, im trying to get ringtones, and im getting very bored, and also they dont even come to my phone, even though my email on the phone is my normal email, PLEASE HELP!!!
    05-22-09 05:45 PM
  6. blackngray70's Avatar
    Are you getting any emails?

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    05-22-09 07:24 PM
  7. tkotas's Avatar
    Just use OTA. So much easier. I never could figure out the attachments. Just got husband blackberry. Now he knows why I love!!!!!
    05-22-09 08:43 PM
  8. CeoStatus0's Avatar
    Just make your own ringtones? Much eaiser that way
    05-23-09 02:50 AM
  9. blackngray70's Avatar
    Have you upgraded your OS or made any changes to your BB with CrackMem or CrackUtil lately?

    Go to Options/Advanced Options/Applications and see if BlackBerry Attachment Service is in the list of apps.

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    05-23-09 02:56 AM
  10. everynameistaken's Avatar
    I send them from my PC to my phone as a mms message. If you'd like to try it, The email address is

    yourphonenumberATvzwpix.com (replace the AT with @, apparently I don't have enough posts to include an email address.)

    Then when you receive the mms, select options and select save as ringtone. they will be available in your ringtones folder to set as a ringer. Hope this helps.
    05-23-09 10:46 AM
  11. MissJennell#IM's Avatar
    I always use zedge.net and send them to myself via mms. Or do it with my phones browser.

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    05-23-09 12:14 PM
  12. carterlyn's Avatar
    I always go to myxer.com and they always have automatically downloaded to my phone. You can do it with or without an account I am pretty sure.

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    05-23-09 12:26 PM