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    I am new to the Crackberry site and have read most of the post around my issues - but nothing specific - can any of you technical gurus help?
    I have what I believe to be a new 8220 and most of what I have attempted to the phone works - wifi, logicmail, opera, ( I downloaded an installed the two mentioned apps without a hiccup),etc.
    The puzzling fact is that there is no media card selection from any of the 8220 menus (just memory option within the options menu). The media card is recognized and the $ GB is shown as available memory.
    Is there a way to add this functionality to the 8220?
    Thank you in advance for your replies
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    If you open the Media app, can you click Menu->Explore and see the SD Card? I've always used my SD card with Mass Storage (i.e. thumb drive) mode switched on and hooked it up tp my PC to copy MP3s and videos to it. Everything shows up automagically in the media player. However, it can take the phone upwards of 5 minutes to index the contents of the SD card when you first insert it or disconnect from the PC.

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