1. Nabooy's Avatar
    I'm looking for a better quality for the Facebook chat sound as the one on the site isn't that much good. I mean I can barely even hear the sound of it. I'm looking for it for my 9900 device.

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    10-10-11 06:10 PM
  2. sandersonster's Avatar
    Have you tried over at zedge.net? They've loads of ringtones, and I picked up the Facebook chat tone on there ages ago. Does the job nicely for me. If it's not loud enough for you, there's a free audio editing program for your computer called Audacity, just import the Facebook tone into Audacity and amplify the tone until you get the desired volume level.
    10-10-11 06:49 PM
  3. Nabooy's Avatar
    How and where do I have to do that exactly using that program? I'm sorry but I'm kinda new to this.

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    10-10-11 08:10 PM
  4. sandersonster's Avatar
    Firstly, you need to download the tone to your PC from Free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, games. Millions of downloads for your mobile phone | Zedge

    Then, go to Google and search for Audacity, it should be one of the first links that come up.

    Install the program to your computer and run the program.

    Once the program is running, you want to import your downloaded ringtone. Select all the tone, click on Effects and then click Amplify. Then just keep playing with the tone until you have it as loud as you like, click ok.

    Once Audacity has edited your tone, click on File, then Export tone as mp3. This will save your ringtone as an mp3 file. Then, you can either email yourself the tone, or you can connect the BB to your computer via USB cable & copy the tone to your ringtone folder on the memory card.

    Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me with them and I'll do my best to help.
    10-11-11 12:10 PM
  5. Nabooy's Avatar
    I tried to save the file and it didn't worked as it's giving me an file error. Could you please do it for me if you do not mind? I had appreciate that.
    10-21-11 04:54 AM
  6. sandersonster's Avatar
    PM me with an email address & I'll send you the one I already have on my BB. If that's no good, let me know & I'll see if I can come up with something better
    10-21-11 05:49 PM