1. chukas36's Avatar
    hi guys

    When i fixed Q10's apn, i could fixed it with at&t's apn. However, i tried again on another Q5(sqr100-3), i could not fixed its apn.

    their are only existed 'h' next to the service bar.

    she and i are using Straight Talk currently, only she still cannot using only data.

    Pliz help us!
    05-18-14 01:58 PM
  2. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    tfdata is the apn.

    It should work out of the box.

    I have an unlocked Q5 and all I had to do was insert the micro SIM. It detected the network automatically.

    Posted via my armoured BlackBerry Q5
    05-18-14 02:10 PM
  3. chukas36's Avatar
    Yes, i did

    but it was not fixed....even mine is unlocked....also apn is not saved when i typed and saved.
    05-18-14 02:38 PM

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