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    Hi there folks.
    Not really a big tech guy....but bought a Blackberry Q5 in 2017 (and haven't looked back since....until now)
    Because I'm not too worried about apps or games, my trusty Q5 suits me down to the ground. With my Vodafone £10 monthly bundle deal....it pretty much gives me unlimited calls, text and data. But over the last few days, my 3g/4g logo has been replaced with a 'h' (and despite the internet still working through wifi.....at home or at any 'Cloud' location) I can no longer access any internet data UNLESS I'm using wifi.....despite having plenty of data in my monthly deal?

    I went to the Vodafone shop today (pre-warning the assistant that my phone was old....and that I like it that way) but they merely said that my Q5 no longer received 'support' from vodafone any more.....and that I'd be better off updating my phone)

    Can anyone here elaborate (in laymens terms) what (and why) this has happened and possibly give any suggestions on how to rectify this matter?

    Thanks in advance
    01-14-19 12:39 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Really is nothing different about how a BB10 phone connects vs Android.

    If you have another phone, I'd get a SIM activated in it and try putting it in the Q5. For some BIS is BlackBerry and that did require special data features.... so they lump all BlackBerries into the same boat.
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    01-14-19 02:14 PM
  3. hazmaju's Avatar
    If you never deleted APN data, I would suggest to hold both volume buttons until the phone reboots. If that doesn't fix it, then as the dunt explained, you should explain to the rep, and insist that he configure it manually

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    01-14-19 02:47 PM
  4. horracerumpole72's Avatar
    Thanks for the help guys (although all a bit too technical for me) I got in touch with Vodafone online and (unlike the pair of clowns in the shop, who only wanted to sell me a new phone) they sent me some update codes to punch into my Blackberry.....and now everything is working fine again (yay!)
    So I'll be sticking with my trusty(ish) Q5 for a little while longer (double-yay!)
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    01-18-19 10:30 AM

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