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    Hello everyone.
    I'm rather new to the forum so please don't bite my head off if this question was asked before. I've searched the forum but couldn't find anything similar.
    So here's the deal. I bought a Blackberry Q5 last month under contract with Vodafone Romania. Since I'm new to OS 10, just yesterday I found out how to turn on special characters. It works fine, but when I type with special characters the phone shows the number of characters left rather quickly. I did a test and sent someone a message using special characters and passed the "limit" for one SMS. I barely wrote 3 lines. But the strange part is that person got it as one text message, not two.
    Now my question is, does using special characters decrease the length of an SMS message, or is it just an OS bug?
    I've attached a screenshot below. The words are random, they don't mean anything in that specific order.
    SMS limit due to special characters or os problem?-img_20140405_142933.png
    04-05-14 06:49 AM
  2. and2one's Avatar
    Anyone? Any help is appreciated.
    04-05-14 08:53 AM

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