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    I recently purchased a Q5 on eBay that had a cracked digitiser, but was otherwise in good working condition. I ordered a replacement LCD and front bezel and replaced the screen. On putting it back together, the phone starts up as normal, but gets stuck on the searching for wifi connection screen during initial setup. It does not find any wifi. I've inserted by data enabled Sim card, that I use on my Q10, both phones are on same network. It connects to the mobile network but not for data. I've tried texting the phone and it receives txts, but no calls. I've also tried restarting, reinstalling several different versions of OS10. I've also checked the board and all internal antenna connections and there is no visible damage. I've done this under magnification. At this stage I'm ready to sell it for parts, as the phone is unusable as you can't access the homescreen. If anyone has some suggestions for a fix I would appreciate it.

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    06-11-14 02:14 PM
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    Definitely sounds like more is wrong with the phone than the screen. Selling for parts might be your best option at this point.
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    06-14-14 04:48 PM

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