1. BlackBerry Q5's Avatar
    I am waiting going on seven weeks now, for a black Q5 I sent in for repair about a piece of black dust under the flash lens, and screen.

    I have not received my phone back yet, communication sucks between Virgin Mobile Canada and Flextronics, their repair center.

    I have an email stating 5 to 7 days for the COMPLETE process. Not 7 weeks!!!

    People, educate yourself as to where your phone will go for repairs, if so.

    Demand to know the name of where it's going. If it's Flextronics, be prepared for a long wait. Plus they will damage your phone (All the while not admitting so), back ordering parts for it ( The phone's speaker was certainly working great when it left my house) , and lead you on for say....seven weeks now....!!!

    Please feel free to list what type of compensation a consumer should get for this type of treatment below,Thanks.

    Posted via my Z10, cause Virgin Mobile and Flextronics are screwing me over.
    11-08-13 03:21 PM
  2. Bobert_123's Avatar
    Not gonna lie, that's COMPLETLY unacceptable.
    11-08-13 03:45 PM
  3. Erkan OZKAYA's Avatar
    I had sent my playbook to the service center as the photos taken had a line one pixel wide vertical. And after 4 weeks without receiving my unit, I took the case to the local board of consumers in Turkey, whose decisions are solid up to an amount of about USD 700 (over this amount you have to file it to Consumer Court). And consumer laws state that servicing period for my device is limited(I'm not sure but it's sth 20 business days I suppose).
    And I requested full refund for my device, thanks to those guys, I received the total amount back, spent a fraction of that amount for a new Playbook, and saved some money. If I were you, I would seek for my legal rights, file this situation, and never give up. They should learn how to serve the customer.

    And it depends on where this happened. If it were my country, I would recommend the consumers board, as the price of your device is well below the upper limit and you are 100% right in your case.
    11-08-13 03:56 PM
  4. BlackBerry Q5's Avatar
    I'm from Ontario, Canada. I think maybe the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is an option, now that you mention it. Going to try that. Maybe they'll move their *** when THEY Get on their case. Thanks for reminding me. I had complained to them about Virgin a while back....

    Posted via my Z10, cause Virgin Mobile and Flextronics are screwing me over.
    11-08-13 04:26 PM

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