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    Hello all,
    it's my first post here. I own a Blackberry Q5 and I noticed that since few days my calls have much lower volume than usual. I already set the max volume using side buttons. It looks like if the volume scale has moved to lower level and now I can have only extremely quiet and quiet voice.

    I suspected this might be a software problem, so I did a backup with BB Link and reset the phone to fabric settings. This didn't help, so I reverted back the backup.

    Fortunately I had a spare broken BB Q5, so I replaced the earpiece element, but no luck.

    I have another BB Q5 phone used by my wife, so I replaced SIM cards, and my SIM on her phone makes a lot louder calls.

    Right now my only idea is that "something" on PCB is a "bit" broken. Has anyone encountered this and knows a solution? I don't want to replace the whole PCB for sake of one stupid capacitor.
    04-10-18 04:31 PM

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