1. anonymous92374's Avatar
    do you think charging my q5 via computer or proivided plug will make a difference
    or will one increase the battry life

    mine is soo bad

    09-30-13 03:18 PM
  2. hegemonia's Avatar
    install a battery utility from blackberry world some tell the battery health as well. i did not answered your question yes but when i was charging with computer it went down to % 92 then i switched to wall charger after a couple of times its now %100. hope this helps

    Posted via CB10
    09-30-13 03:22 PM
  3. BravoZuluDelta's Avatar
    For most users, not a bit of difference. Some users have reported longer immediate battery life using a wall charger (0.8 A+). For long term use, like if you plan on using the Q5 for more than six years, then charging through the computer's 500 mA USB port will produce less heat and be better for the battery. For your standard 2-3 year service life, this is negligible.
    09-30-13 03:23 PM
  4. anonymous92374's Avatar
    oh oki and im wondering is this app free
    09-30-13 03:28 PM
  5. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    The wall charger will be a LOT faster to charge your phone. I am a Bold user and notice the difference in charging speed between PC and Wall charger. Think there is something like twice the amperage available from wall charger compared with the PC.

    Looking at my (UK) Wall charger it is 700mA whereas the PC will be 500mA or less.

    As to battery apps... never understood the point. All they are gonna do is drain your battery and cause you to be paranoid about a few percent differences.

    Real advice? Who cares... charge the phone in whichever way works best for you.
    09-30-13 03:29 PM
  6. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    I can only speak of my BlackBerry Z10 and it charges fully via USB cable connected to my notebook computer.

    Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10
    09-30-13 05:18 PM

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