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    Hello everyone,

    I've come to ask for some assistance on how I can rectify this problem on my Q5. I got invited to be a beta tester for 10.3.2, however, my Q5, has insufficient space to allow the update to finish... I've tried using blackberry link and the OTA update but neither work, and always fail during installation.

    I did discover a folder in device/misc called 'Android' according to my Blackberry, it says it takes a whopping 3GB on the device, yet I do not have permission to delete it's contents (I even tried to do it manually from my PC). If I could somehow remove this folder temporarily and then install the update it might work, then I can put some of the files back on my device.

    Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks!

    Cannot update to 10.3.2 due to insufficient space on Q5-img_20150513_154429.png

    'Clickity-Clack' goes my keypad! - White BlackBerry Q5
    05-13-15 10:46 AM
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    Don't worry about the size of the folder because it's not correct. Mine says it's 29 GB which is not true. In the list that you took this screenshot, click on the name of each app and then select Clear Data. This will erase all data that app has stored and frees up memory. Note that this will also erase your sign-in credentials and any progress you've made in games.
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    05-13-15 11:14 AM
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    Can you not backup, wipe phone, update, restore?

    Kind of a pain but that's how I would do it.

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    05-13-15 11:25 AM
  4. SpartanSK117's Avatar
    I ended up wiping my device and restoring the data! Thanks!

    'Clickity-Clack' goes my keypad! - White BlackBerry Q5
    05-13-15 07:25 PM

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