1. morley411's Avatar
    After two weeks I bought my Q5,my camera has been work,all of a sudden now it stop working and keeps telling me that camera can't be started,i have rebooted my phone several time but still the same. Can anyone help me out here.

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    06-29-14 01:52 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Do tell us the OS you're on?

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    06-29-14 02:17 AM
  3. morley411's Avatar
    I am on OS

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    06-29-14 02:34 AM
  4. vutranloc's Avatar
    Try backing it up and reload os?

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    06-29-14 02:36 AM
  5. morley411's Avatar
    But pls is my OS up to date or I am still using the old version

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    06-29-14 03:13 AM
  6. anischab's Avatar
    If you're running some Android Apps, you need the task manager to close them. Some have permission on cam, so keep using it in the background... spooky! And, hardreboot with longpressing the volume keys is also worth trying, before reloading cam .bar file or OS.

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    06-29-14 03:19 AM
  7. morley411's Avatar
    I still don't get u,as I hve just downloaded the task manager on my phone nw but I don't know how it work.please help me out do I need to kill all applications been shown on it

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    06-29-14 11:28 AM
  8. anischab's Avatar
    The "X" closes the Apps:

    Camera can't be started on my bb10 Q5-img_20140629_203840.png

    Camera can't be started on my bb10 Q5-img_20140629_203807.png

    Some Apps block the camera!

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    06-29-14 01:40 PM
  9. rickie8649's Avatar
    I've had this with my phone at times, reboot the phone, then if the camera works, open one app at a time, then try camera, you'll eventually find out what's causing the problem.

    If all else fails, just security wipe. Snap2chat used to block my camera completely and afew times I had to wipe completely.

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    06-29-14 07:10 PM

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