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    My mum has a q5 which she loves but yesterday she took it out of her bag and the screen wouldn't turn. She has left it on charge for a number of hours and the pc detected it when connected and was able to do a backup. She was also able to receive a call and answer it by swiping where she would normally see the answer option, so everything seems to be working apart from the screen.

    Any ideas? I will try a security wipe via BlackBerry link when I next see her but wondered if I could suggest anything else before that? Thanks.

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    12-12-14 03:36 AM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    Have you tried a reboot?

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    12-13-14 01:54 PM
  3. bobo616's Avatar
    Have you tried a reboot?

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    Yes and a factory reset but no difference so it has gone back for repair.
    12-14-14 01:21 AM

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