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    One of the main reasons I got the Q5 is because of it's compact size. I need a smaller smartphone that can do it all and still fit in my side pocket at work. I work in the utility field and need a case or bumper for my phone to protect against accidental drops, etc but don't want the added bulk of an Otterbox. So I'm asking all Q5 owners what's the best case they have found so far....thanks!

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    11-08-14 09:18 PM
  2. DINESH SALE's Avatar
    Best Case or Bumper for Q5-img_20141109_100828.jpg
    Best Case or Bumper for Q5-img_20141109_100738.jpg

    I am using this kind of pouch. It fits well and good, and also protects from accidents.

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    11-08-14 10:43 PM
  3. crailey01's Avatar
    Where did you get it? There are no accessories around here for the Q5 unless I buy online.
    11-09-14 12:25 AM
  4. UKrussia's Avatar
    Go onto Ebay & you can get some cases for a euro/pound/dollar to see which you prefer.

    BlackBerry's own flip case probably offers best protection in a not large size & the flip works to extend your charge using built in sensors. I think I paid about 12 euros.

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    11-09-14 02:40 AM
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    11-09-14 06:49 AM
  6. dhhddhdhd33hh's Avatar
    The oem case is actually pretty good.

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    11-09-14 05:40 PM
  7. crailey01's Avatar
    Yeah I'm wondering where I can get one with the BlackBerry logo on the back....

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    11-09-14 07:10 PM
  8. dhhddhdhd33hh's Avatar
    Yeah I'm wondering where I can get one with the BlackBerry logo on the back....

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    They are on amazon.

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    11-09-14 08:05 PM
  9. UKrussia's Avatar
    With the translucent gel cases you can still see the logo (my Q5 is white which probably helps).

    The flip case has the BlackBerry logo (on the front) & a lens the size of the thin end of a match that shows really well what the LED is doing.

    Best Case or Bumper for Q5-custodia-blackberry-q5-flip-shell-white-bianco_1.jpg

    If you are using your phone with a pouch fixed to your belt (like a Krusell), you could even just use a bumper case, & the logo would be on show.

    Of the 5 "on phone" cases I have, the one I use most is this "heavy duty" one with a stand.

    Best Case or Bumper for Q5-images-1-.jpg

    Also as it has a rigid casing round the padding (its about 16mm thick), it let's me use a wristband with the phone, which pretty much is a must for using it standing on trains & metros.

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    11-10-14 12:20 AM
  10. rfin16's Avatar
    Where did you get the white flip case with the kickstand for portrait mode? These do not seem easy to come by at all. What is it called so I can search for it online? I have also been looking to order a wallet case to reduce what I have to carry with me,but the only one I found holds few cards and is on terminal back-order. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    11-10-14 06:54 PM

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