1. ChrisMusial's Avatar
    So I am still on fence for the Q10 (I really want to give BBRY my love).
    Still doing pro's and cons, and need more input from owners.

    10. Just got off my current phone for an hour conference.
    Battery needed to be charged. Went from 67% to 14%. Phone was hot.
    Dialed access number, put phone on speaker, dialed passcode (note, I had to enter the passcodes three times,
    as it kept telling me the code was invalid I had to enter the numbers one and then pause, enter, pause, enter, pause, like the speaker
    was interrupting the dial tones).
    Any problems like this with q10?

    11. Calendars.
    I NEED my calendars, but I also share my personal web calendar which is hosted by GoDaddy. They don't support BBOS.
    Their support didn't really help me on their boards and just said we only support apple and android.
    Is there a way to import sync my ics file and replicate to server?

    12. Alarms
    This caught me kind of off guard, I rely on my phone alarms (note plural) a lot since my phone is always with me.
    Have my wake-up alarm, have my pills alarm and I have a ringtone alarm that my dogs knows that it's time for him to eat.
    (which reminds me to feed him).
    Are multiple alarm clocks / settings native on Q10 or do I need to get an app?

    13. BB Hub (right terms?)
    From the guides, it looks like Phone is at bottom of list. Looked like it is Text/ Email/LinkedIn/BBM/FB/Twitter/Phone/Voicemail (not in order).
    Is there a way to organize that so if I scroll right to open that, Phone / Voicemail/SMS/Email are in order of my preference?

    14. Video Chat
    Using BB I can not video chat with daughter who is on apple?

    15. SMS Attachments?
    I read conflicting posts on this, can I attach images/files to SMS messages (MMS).

    09-21-13 12:01 PM
  2. Bobert_123's Avatar
    10.2 is coming soon, so you will have the ability to get multiple alarms then, or you could download a leaked build of 10.2 and get it now.

    Posted via CB10
    09-21-13 12:27 PM
  3. Qaddafi's Avatar
    To answer your alarm question, no, BlackBerry 10.1 OS cannot have multiple alarms. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS upgrade will arrive mid-October and this is a guaranteed fixed according to BlackBerry. You just have to wait like 3 weeks and you shall receive it.
    09-21-13 02:59 PM
  4. bbsstmez's Avatar
    You can sideload just the alarm from OS 10.2. I did so. Works flawlessly and has multiple alarms
    09-22-13 12:06 AM

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