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    I have an unlocked t-mobile Blackberry Q10 with a prepaid T-Mobile sim card. I live in the country and do not get any reception with T-Mobile or Family Mobile. I use to have Verizion service years ago that did work and want to buy the new Verizion Sim card. the folks at Wal-Mart do know know much and said they are not sure if it would work? has anyone tried this and have it all work? Talk/text & data?
    05-17-15 09:58 AM
  2. Tamashek's Avatar
    Yes it will as long as you have a GSM phone for the card

    Posted via CB30
    05-17-15 10:47 AM
  3. scrannel's Avatar
    Not so sure about that. If you have a Verizon phone you can use a GSM SIM (t-mo, at&t etc.) in it as the GSM side of a Verizon phone is unlocked. However, to get on the Verizon network I believe you need a Verizon branded CDMA phone. Doesn't matter if you want CDMA or not.
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    05-17-15 11:28 AM
  4. raino's Avatar
    Scrannel is right. To get service through Verizon, you will need a Verizon CDMA phone.

    OP, check/find out how AT&T service is around you. AT&T SiM cards will work just fine in your unlocked TMO Q10.
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    05-17-15 12:42 PM

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