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    Hello, I am currently in the market for an unlocked SQN100-1 Q10 phone, but have never used an unlocked phone before. I am hesitant to purchase one without knowing if it will be fully functional on my network, since "only talk and text are guaranteed to function." Has anyone here purchased a factory unlocked -1 and used it on AT&T? Can you please advise if the device is fully functional, or whether it has bugs/quirks/limitations? Thanks for your help and time!
    03-19-15 06:32 PM
  2. mrmdls's Avatar
    I don't have a Q10, however, I just switched over to AT&T yesterday on my Classic, as I just couldn't wait any longer for Tmobile to upgrade the network where I live. My Classic is a Unlocked SQC100-4 that I bought from Amazon. I had absolutely no issues, in switching over to AT&T's network, just replaced the sim, activated the phone, and ported my number over. However, The AT&T's rep that I spoke to, indicated to me that some Blackberry's have issues with internet connectivity on their network.
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    03-19-15 06:39 PM
  3. raino's Avatar
    AT&T sold the SQN100-1 model, so you'll be fine. Full compatibility, including LTE.
    03-19-15 08:08 PM

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