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    Solved. Download T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling app. Turn off Wi-Fi Calling.

    Finally picked up a Q10 a couple days ago, I like it, but I keep getting a notification about connecting to a wifi network every coupe hours or so. I also have a greyed-out wifi calling symbol in the top bar that I can't get rid of. I have everything wifi associated turned off that I can find including "prompt when a saved hotspot is nearby" but obviously I'm missing something here, I can't figure it out.

    Another thing I noticed is that when I have "swipe to wake" turned off, I still have to swipe my screen after I hit the unlock button, but my Z10 all I had to do was hit the button. Is this just how the Q10 is or is there another setting I'm missing?

    Model SQN100-5
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    03-10-15 04:08 PM
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    I figured out the swipe problem after going through each and every menu and sub-menu starting from the top. Turns out it's oddly in the "Notifications" tab, "Lock Screen Settings." Glad that's over, I very much liked the single button press of my Z10 and 9900.

    Still haven't figured out the wifi problem, greyed out wifi calling symbol is still there. I decided to clear my list of wifi networks so maybe that will stop the messages, but I shouldn't have to do that anyways.
    03-10-15 06:37 PM
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    Anyone? Exact notification says:
    Wi-Fi Calling
    Connect to Wi-Fi Network to make calls.
    It's maddening.
    03-11-15 09:38 PM

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