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    My emails won't stay on my phone more than 30 days. if I flag an email it will it stay on my phone forever? Which is the easiest way to keep the email on my phone forever. This is a real inconvenience for the 'business man telephone' as it use to be called.

    bbq10 tmo
    02-10-15 09:45 PM
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    if you're running 10.2, then you'll have to delete your email account and set it back. while adding your email account, look on the bottom of the screen until you see "advanced", click on it, scroll to the bottom, and set the sync timeframe for "forever".

    if you're running 10.3, go into the hub, click the overflow button (three dots), click on settings, email account, edit your email account, scroll to the bottom and set the sync time frame for "forever".
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    02-10-15 10:03 PM
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    To expand on that...

    For an ActiveSync account (such as Hotmail or Outlook.com), you can adjust the sync period for an active account. From the home page, swipe down from the top and go to Settings > Accounts and choose the email account. On the "Edit Account" page, tap "Advanced" on the bottom bar. Scroll to the very bottom and Select the "Sync Timeframe you want (i.e., "Forever" to sync all messages).

    For an IMAP account (such as Gmail):

    On OS 10.2.1, you have to select the sync period option when setting up the account -- so you'd have to delete and re-add it. Use the standard email setup, until you get to the screen that gives you the option to toggle on/off contact/calendar sync. Tap "Advanced" at the bottom. Scroll to the very bottom, and set the "Initial Retrieval amount" to "Forever" (or your preferred sync period). You can also set your sync interval here as well.

    On OS 10.3.x, you can now change the email synced to your device. Go to Settings > Accounts. Scroll down and select from the drop-down "Sync Timeframe".

    Note that if you'll be syncing a lot of messages, you should be on WiFi, unless you have a very generous data plan.
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    02-10-15 10:10 PM
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    And last but not least, I don't know how you manage your inbox, but if it's full and on IMAP, wait for the 10.3.1 release for your phone. You will be able to search online for old emails...
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    02-11-15 02:49 AM

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