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    £216.99 Best BlackBerry Q10 Pay Monthly Contract & SIM Free Deals | Mobile Phones Direct
    £249.99 BlackBerry® Q10 (QWERTY, Black) - Expansys.com UK
    £213.60 Buy BlackBerry Q10
    £254.98 BlackBerry® Q10 Sim Free
    £479.00 BlackBerry Q10 (Sim Free) - Black - ShopBlackBerry.com

    a huge difference in price between the 4 retailers and shopbb uk. can there possibly be any difference in quality of materials and/or build quality between the models they are selling and the £479 model shopbb uk are offering? i'd hate to buy cheaper if i was getting something inferior
    10-12-14 02:36 PM
  2. alpha beta gaga's Avatar
    i've checked but amazon uk don't have it themselves. 3rd party marketplace sellers do but i try to avoid them. the reason of the question is the purely due to the high price difference seen. maybe they are customer refurbs or returns that blackberry have shipped out at a discount to retailers whilst keeping the brand new units for themselves to sell?
    10-12-14 03:07 PM

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