1. madh263362's Avatar
    To I have ordered a q10 to give a shot to PKB device, but in description they mentioned BBM Locked, u can't use BBM, model no is SQN100-3, and it s a brand new, and I placed order in eBay.in, and the seller rating was 100%, and it s available with eBay guarantee

    02-09-16 08:41 AM
  2. Rustybronco's Avatar
    Do you have a link to the above mentioned Q10?

    Found it...

    I would say they mean that it's locked to a specific carrier.
    02-09-16 09:40 AM
  3. madh263362's Avatar
    S, exactly not only that other two or three sellers are there selling BBM Locked Q10 devices, what does it mean by BBM Locked and why so it is

    02-09-16 09:49 AM
  4. Rustybronco's Avatar
    There is a space between BBM and locked. My interpretation is, they mean it has BBM and is locked to a carrier. I don't see how BBM could ever be locked on a new device or any device for that matter.

    It's just the way they laid out the wording.
    02-09-16 09:56 AM
  5. madh263362's Avatar
    I will talk to seller and come back tomorrow, thank you

    02-09-16 10:14 AM
  6. madh263362's Avatar
    They mentioned clearly BBM Services are locked and not available

    Posted via CB10
    02-09-16 09:05 PM
  7. John Vieira's Avatar
    That is very odd, why would they be locked?

    I was thinking maybe anti-theft was on, but then they couldn't use the phone at all.

    Very curious.

    Posted via -sigh- Priv. Guess we have to get used to Android guys....
    02-09-16 09:21 PM
  8. madh263362's Avatar
    Are the BBM services are restricted in some countries, if so that might be the reason

    02-09-16 11:48 PM
  9. FCSC's Avatar
    Are the BBM services are restricted in some countries, if so that might be the reason

    Not really, that would just mean Bbm wouldn't work in those countries. The phone was sold all over the world, restrictions like that are typically done at a carrier level.

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-16 08:42 AM
  10. BURZIN's Avatar
    It means tht the phones working but no bbm service available basically these are locked phones which are only network unlocked. Very strange as no bbm means no use of a BlackBerry. Secondly it can be tht only contract phones or robbed lot the sellers selling. Somethings fishy don't buy.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-16 02:08 AM
  11. madh263362's Avatar
    I am using my new Q10 with BBM locked but I tried to blackberry protect on, but no joy, it is telling that contact your administrator

    02-21-16 02:57 AM
  12. kosmos2503's Avatar
    I too ordered the same model from the same seller (i believe). This seller says that these are new Handsets but when I received my device, instantly I realized that these are used/refurbished sets (just check the screws, they all are tampered). To my utter shock, even the IMEI number and PIN number is different from what is mentioned on the Box and the actual IMEI & PIN that exist in the device. This is really serious. I checked with BlackBerry they said these are not new devices, and to their surprise they too could not locate the source of the devices. This is really gross. Even BlackBerry (canada) is confused with my device's condition. They are clueless.
    But onething is for sure, these are anything but new. seller is a fraud. avoid him. He won't reply to calls/mail/whatsapp messages. He is an ethicless m o r o n.
    Warios and bbnrs like this.
    04-09-16 12:39 PM
  13. kosmos2503's Avatar
    High possibility that these are illegal devices. I contacted BlackBerry (Canada), they are clueless about these devices.
    04-09-16 12:40 PM
  14. madh263362's Avatar
    But BlackBerry link is recognizing the devices and I am getting the updates

    SQN100-3 Q10-
    04-09-16 10:50 PM
  15. Halifax Guy's Avatar
    But BlackBerry link is recognizing the devices and I am getting the updates

    SQN100-3 Q10-
    That fact doesn't necessarily mean that the devices are illegal.

    Posted using a Q10,
    04-10-16 10:51 AM
  16. Dennis_nzr's Avatar
    Hi, just wondering whether you were able to resolve the BBM locked issue? Another thing I want to ask is, whether you're able to use blackberry mail services or not. Thanks.
    06-22-16 11:15 AM
  17. madh263362's Avatar
    Still facing the same issue, but could enjoy every thing offered by BlackBerry 10

    Posted via CB10
    06-23-16 10:01 AM
  18. vageeshkmr's Avatar
    Hi last week even I bought a phone from a similar seller. Every thing is working just fine except the BBM. It always says blackberry data not available. More over there is not response when I try to register my phone to the blackberry network.
    I was wondering if there was a way to remove the default bbm and replace it with the android version, that might work. Any thoughts??

    Posted via CB10
    06-25-16 05:22 AM
  19. madh263362's Avatar
    Not possible, tried everything

    Posted via CB10
    06-27-16 07:11 AM
  20. vageeshkmr's Avatar
    Yes it's not working.. in case u get any way out please post here too...

    Posted via CB10
    06-27-16 10:23 AM

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