1. Reipard LaShiec's Avatar
    Hi there, i hope some of you guys can help me out with this one.

    My problem is the following:

    I have a Second Hand BlackBerry Q10 device i got from a friend of mine.
    It has been working fine since i got it 2 months ago, then the OS 10.3.1 Update came and got some of the issues most users report as Low Volume Notification, etc.
    I know BlackBerry is aware of this and hope they can develop a HotFix soon.
    But this is the tip of the iceberg for me, i can deal with that, and im thankfull about my Q10 wich is a really nice device, the real problem is:

    Since my cellphone got locked because my cousin pressed the Wrong Password on it 10 times it kinda got messed up. I found my phone having part of the data on it, like my cousin made this mess the Saturday 21th and i got that day data (SMS, Phone Numbers Updates, Whatsapp Messages, New Apps, etc) erased but everything i loaded to the Phone before was there.
    At that point i didnt care much as it was only a day data. I keept using the phone from there, loading contact info, apps , etc and it worked fine except that everytime I reset the Phone it goes back to the data loaded at Friday 20th...
    I tried plenty times and, when the phone is working, it saves everything but whenever I turn it off and power it up again or i restart the OS i get back to Friday 20th data.
    And wich is worst, i did a Security Wipe recently to see if it could fix this issue but nope, it got worst because now i get the "Factory Settings" everytime i restart the cellphone.

    I dont know what to do about, if this is related to somekind of problem with 10.3.1 OS or why is the System giving the OS the Order to "Reset" my information to an specifical point.

    Im really sad, this renders my phone to useless, or i need to mantain the Battery always up in order to the Phone to dont trash all my new configs, etc.

    Hope someone can clarify me how to solve this, sorry for bothering and also for my English.

    Best wishes to the CrackBerry Community!
    02-28-15 02:18 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    That sounds similar, but not exactly like the issue described here: KB36747-All data is deleted following a manual restart of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and a blue LED is displayed during boot up

    You may want to give it a try anyway. If the issue isn't the same, it won't make any changes to your device.
    02-28-15 02:26 PM

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