1. entine's Avatar
    My universal search doesn't show results from Pictures folder. I have pictures that have '_edit.jpg' in their name, but when I search 'edit' nothing comes up at all, and if I search '_edit' only two out of about a dozen show up in results.. How can this be fixed? Sometimes I need to quickfind a photo but I can't with this search failing.
    10-19-14 01:19 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Yep, it won't work.

    Best I can think of is telling the Pictures app to sort by date and scrolling around. Not the best solution, but will have to do till they add better support...

    You could also quickly edit the image's name for future reference.

    Oh, if you knoe the exact date, you could use that! any picture take today (October 23rd), 2014 will be IMG_20141023_something. searching for 20141023 did bring all images I took today.
    10-23-14 08:26 PM
  3. entine's Avatar
    I don't see how changing the name would help - I mean it DOES but it makes no sense. The photo is already Named something with the word 'edit' in it and it won't find it. This is v.strange and a big pain. Scrolling through hundreds of photos even by date is annoying.
    10-24-14 08:30 AM

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