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    Suddenly, last night, my Q10 started to act oddly. It won't sync any emails at all - I have two Exchange accounts. If I hit refresh then the little circle shows, then looks like it has refreshed but no new emails have shown up.

    Then, if I try and open an app or even something like settings when I choose the icon it goes back to the home page but nothing will open at all. I can't access anything on the phone at all.
    04-21-15 11:20 AM
  2. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    My Q10 was doing that when I first got it. I thought someone had sent me a lemon! But reloading the OS did the trick. First, try a hard reset (hold volume up/down keys until red led comes on, then let it do its thing til it restarts). If this doesn't help, plug in your phone to your computer, open BlackBerry link, and when it connects select the "reload os" button. This will wipe all your data though so perform a backup/ store everything important on your SD card if possible. Do not restore your settings once you've completed the process, as this may cause the problem again.

    Hope this helps!

     = ♥
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    04-21-15 02:52 PM
  3. ianjmatt's Avatar
    Really appreciated you taking the time to answer. My Q10 just kept getting worse so I sent it back, got a refund and replaced it with a Passport.

    Thanks anyway!
    04-23-15 02:29 PM

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