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    hi, i have a blackberry q10 i had blackberry protection on it then for some reasons i deleted my account by login from web browser but after some time phone started to ask for password of my id, then i prompted for forget password but it was not sending me any email so i created a new account with same email id that i used before but still it is not accepting my password. When i type in the password and click on submit so my password vanishes (no message of any error). If i click on forget password so now surprisingly i get an email to change my password but still the issue remains the same.
    04-24-16 03:24 AM
  2. orbazan's Avatar
    I would imagine that creating a BB ID creates some new data on the BB servers and maybe the phone as well, even if using the same id/email/password combination. Maybe it generates a hash taking into consideration more elements than the email and password; it's enough if the hash takes also into consideration the time stamp of the user creation, or some other element, as you imagine, even if using the same email and password, the old and new hashes would differ. This theory (because i have no proof) would also make sense for BB Protect. Imagine you lose your phone and i find it, and i see the email that the ID was registered with; now imagine i check if that email address is still used or not, and i find that it's not used anymore and i register it and then create the BB ID with the same email; and lo and behold i can activate and use a phone that is basically lost or stolen.

    Probably doing a factory reset would make things even worse, because BB Protect still being active, you would never pass the first setup screens, thus being left with nothing more than a fancy paperweight. I would suggest you contact BB directly, they are the only ones in this case who might be able to help.

    Just my two cents.
    04-24-16 08:16 AM

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