01-28-13 09:43 PM
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    Um, I know a lot of girls who love who big their bums are; and not all guys want superpowers, they could be super-men already. :O

    I wast thinking more like, bold (x10), z10 (mid level touch), curve touch and type, aristo (quad phone), and torch.

    1. Everyone is supposed to surprise me. :P
    2. Idk bout that..
    3. Yea, but I also want RIM to be successful in the consumer market where looks do matter. I just don't want to give up a keyboard but also not feel like I'm giving up the experience of a touch-screen which IMO on a small screen now-days doesnt cut it. You need a 3.5"+ screen to get anywhere which is why I liked the torch was just hoping they could inch out a bit more. 7mm is relative make a phone that much thicker watch people wile out.

    4. I know the back is usefull but compared to the bold 9900 it looked like crap (I know it's dev).
    5. It's still a phone, I'm concerned because I do a lot of data entry but I like touch screens I was going to keep my torch for the kb and grab a z10 but might be too much. In the end, I'll probably see how good the bb10 touch kb is and get used to typing on glass until the torch comes out and even then.. Mayb.

    I just did.

    Shouldn't have made this thread.

    HBd in 2 days RIM.

    U guys deserve it.
    BlackBerry N10 photos bring sexy back to physical keyboards | CrackBerry.com

    Close thread, RIMs version looks better.

    F full touch, I knew I didn't have to leave my full keyboard.

    Your thread wasn't bad, in a sense, it was just that you compared a phone RIM never thought up, to the developers version (that isn't going to look good)

    But seriously, every time a phone, namely, BB comes out, people always diss the back of it. I remember the 9900, RIMs best phone ever....people complained about the back, before the phone was even out, just to complain.

    So really, designing a phone or most products seem like a thankless job that can never please people. Even Apple, they have a pretty but unpractical back.
    01-28-13 09:43 PM
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