1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    Please forgive my poor english, Im just a french student who cant find help on french forums 
    I recently purchased a Blackberry to a particular
    I bought it a Sunday and I was in a hurry to test it.
    I have tried to insert a non-adapted SIM (microsim normally) by making a homemade adapter
    It was not a succes and I broke some pins of the SIM reader, and after that the Q10 did not recognize my SIM.

    So I changed the SIM reader for 60.
    When I recovered, the phone did not work with my new SIM (Orange carrier)
    So I went back to the repair shop and they showed me their SIM cards (others carriers) worked and that the problem was my card.
    So I ask my carrier for a new SIM. Everything works for 2 h, the absolute bliss
    Two hours late my SIM card is not detected again. Nothing happens to the phone in this time.

    I tried everything: wipe my device, updates via BB Link, Blackberry Update via the website, via OTA ...
    Two cases occurred to me:
    The classic : my SIM card is not detected by the terminal (I tested with a friends SIM, it is not detected either)
    A variable that happened once: the card was recognized, but the network on the screen appeared as"technical problem".
    The Hub sent a message that the phone was locked on the network. (While I managed to call surfing etc during the first day for 2 hours).
    If you have any solutions to help me solving my problem

    Thanks a lot for reading me
    09-09-15 05:57 AM
  2. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    I tried to use an adapter for my Z10 and unfortunatelyI messed up.I damaged the pins ,went to a repair shop and they told me it was too expensive to fix,now it just hangs out with me next to my pc .I hope things work out for you,lol
    09-09-15 06:09 AM

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