1. younez-j's Avatar
    A few weeks ago i've removed 2 apps from the same developper and now after I've deleted them I get notifications asking me to upgrade to pro every day, how can I make this stop??
    11-19-14 12:02 PM
  2. RWB3325's Avatar
    BBW/ my world/ my apps and games. Open up "available" (top right) press and hold the application and delete it. This will remove it from your BBW.

    I hope this solves your issues.

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    11-19-14 12:18 PM
  3. younez-j's Avatar
    Sir you are a genius, I totally forgot about the available section of app world, i've been searching my phone and the internet for a solution and since i'm not a beginner BlackBerry user I feel quit ashamed that I did not knew that :d thank you so much for helping me so quickly!
    RWB3325 likes this.
    11-19-14 12:36 PM

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