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    I cannot seem to sync my calendars between the device and my computer. Or at least I cannot see what has been synced. I did a "one way" sync between my device and my computer where I am using outlook 2010. When I check the recent activity I am told there were two items sent from my device -that would be true. But where are they?

    I think I may be having trouble understanding default accounts, outlook data, etc. I am getting frustrated with this and cannot remember ever having problems like this with my 9900.

    On the device I have two calendars to choose from: "Device -Home" and "bblink-BBLink". That's it. I thought that one is supposed to select an email account(s) from which calendar data is loaded. That in itself never made much sense to me.

    If any one has a clue out there, please help. I have searched the forums and cannot seem to find an answer.


    B-B Boy
    10-17-14 02:40 PM
  2. Blackberry_Boy's Avatar
    no one here has a clue, eh?
    10-18-14 12:09 PM

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