09-14-14 03:34 AM
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  1. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I think BlackBerry's good or, over here, basically only business reputation simply developed during their glory days. If you wanted to communicate, get and send mails instantly on the fly plus want a good battery life, BlackBerry was the way to go. Last but not least thanks to BES and device managements.

    Back in 2012 I bought my first berry, a Bold 9900, mostly because of their business reputation. For me business related devices need to operate fast and efficient for mails, need to be highly reliable and feature superior PIM functionality. Last but not least I wanted a physical keyboard and, even back in first half of Q2 2012, the choice was highly limited.

    Is BBRY still business? I think yes and I think they still have that reputation. But it is not always a good reputation. Obviously many workers who used BlackBerry (or were forced to use them) don't know anything about BB10, even though it is now available since more than 18 months. Too many people still think about their old OS6 Curves and compare them with newer devices. They don't get or know everything has changed, plus I often think it is kind of a hate relationship, since the BlackBerry is always THE symbol of working everywhere on the go.

    Personally I have to say the keyboard alone makes a huge,difference. I've used physical keyboards on my phones since years through various manufacturers and platforms (mostly Nokia) and like the actual tactile,feedback they offer over the glass surfaces we got today. Vice versa I've used full-touch phones I got supplied for work (which is kind of ironic, the BB sitting in front of me is always my personal device, while that modern full-touch bar is always the business phone) and still dislike them. While they are sometimes faster to type with, they are far less accurate, relying on that f***Ing autocorrect can be highly annoying and is even worse when you need to use many special terms and words for work anyways.

    Now I got my first full-touch device earlier this year in form of a Lumia 1020. I only it because it was a very, very attractive price, because I wanted the camera (which really is awesome btw) and O always wanted to try Windows Phone. What can I say, six months later I popped the main SIM out of it and placed it back into my Q10. Unfortunately it is gone at the moment to repair that double-typing, but I am really,looking forward getting it back. Even the modern swiping keyboards can't replace a physical keyboard IMO, especially for,longer texts. I am writing this wall of text right now on the Lumia and I don't enjoy it. I write less than normal because I can't wait getting done and end typing, it simply is annoying, that soulless glass slab is uninspiring, has no feedback and, to sum it up, doesn't "connect" me with my writings the way a physical keyboard does.

    Yes, I think this is not an unimportant thing for businesses.
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    09-13-14 04:40 AM
  2. xorozu's Avatar
    Good question and to be honest, all mobile platforms have positives. Like yourself I've switched from platform to platform and always come back to BlackBerry.

    BB10 removes all the clutter and allows people to work rather than watch fancy animation than work. Intelligent keyboard functions allows business users to blast through emails without worrying about spelling and if you notice a lot of Blackberry's most efficient find their way into iOS and android. Cough cough, notifications that you can answer without leaving an app and smart keyboard.

    When people see my BlackBerry they know, they know I'm a person who is involved in business and many people have said 'you use BlackBerry because you're important' false but shows that in many cases people believe BlackBerry is a high caliber exclusive brand and you need to be a CEO to own one LOL.

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    09-13-14 06:35 PM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    I can't understand how I'd glean anything from someone's choice of device.

    09-14-14 01:53 AM
  4. SaurabhIb's Avatar
    I think the main difference is the physical keyboard, which has made people real BlackBerry fans.

    For work, I still prefer the physical keyboard and the old Os. Nothing can beat them.
    09-14-14 02:09 AM
  5. kanungoash's Avatar
    I think the main difference is the physical keyboard, which has made people real BlackBerry fans.

    For work, I still prefer the physical keyboard and the old Os. Nothing can beat them.
    Yes you are right. But BlackBerry is not just a keyboard, it's an entire experience. The form factor, the os, the BlackBerry features, the build quality, the productivity, the telephony, the overall feel of the device, and the blinking red light ofcourse. Everything combines to give us the perfect device. And all of us in here love it for sure! (:

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    09-14-14 03:34 AM
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