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    Help! If I add a new contact to Gmail via my desktop, it does not update on my Q10. Calendar & Email sync perfectly.

    If I add or delete a contact on the Q10, it almost immediately updates on Gmail.

    Deleted the Gmail account and set up again. Downloaded 100% of contacts. One day later same problem.

    Wiped BB clean and did a full install of OS 10.21.302.3 Same problem.

    If I go to accounts and change something like refresh interval on the contacts, hit Save, it errors out "Your Account Cannot be Authenticated With Service Provider"

    Now it gets stranger. Go to Settings, Accounts, Contacts. In the Server Address, where it has google.com, I backspace, delete the "m", type the "m" in again, hit save and it works one time, fully syncing contacts from Gmail into the Q10. Did not change anything else.

    Any ideas out there? Thanks.
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    05-06-15 02:20 PM
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    Hi Again,

    Playing with it and discovered if I do a battery pull, it resets and on the initial refresh works as it should. Then stops syncing from Gmail to the BB but synce from BB to Gmail.

    Lots of smart folks out there. Any suggestions?
    05-08-15 11:32 AM
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    Try these:

    BlackBerry Connection Newsletter - Consumer Edition

    How to synchronize your Gmail Calendar and Contacts with your BlackBerry smartphone | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    Please note: Synchronization is two-way, meaning that any changes you make on your BlackBerry smartphone will appear on your Gmail Address Book, and vice versa. and Contact synchronization occurs every four hours and is limited to 10,000 contacts
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    05-08-15 11:48 AM

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