1. rwilliams1867's Avatar
    Hi all:

    I have a very weird thing happening that I can't figure out. I have entered a new contact, on my phone, and in the contact database it shows up as a different contact name. Other oddities:

    - when I search for the name I entered (not the one showing up), the contact shows in the search results
    - when I search for the name showing up, the same contact appears (of course, probably)
    - when I try to edit the entry, I cannot edit the name; the name fields don't even appear
    - when I look at the links for the entry, the correct name shows up as a 'local contact' link

    Q10 BB OS

    I cannot figure out this behaviour so any help is appreciated (I've also searched at length).

    01-26-15 01:51 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Here is how i'd go about it:
    • Unlink the contact, making sure the bogus one (no matter how many links there are) are all separaed;
    • Take note of name and number in paper or note app;
    • Delete bogus local contact (and all linked bogus copies if there are any);
    • Reboot the device by holding the top buttom and not letting go, ignoring all screen prompts, till you see the BB loading screen;
    • Give it a minute;
    • Re-add the contact, making sure to set it as either local or syncing to a service (your call here)
    • Double check it's not linking to somebody with a similar surname from FB, Linkedin, etc.
    01-26-15 07:02 PM
  3. rwilliams1867's Avatar
    Thank you!

    It worked, sort of. First I tried to delete the contact and add it back in; again it created a random link to yet a different contact.

    What worked in the end was deleting one of the phone numbers that was creating the link.

    I had another similar contact that had a random name in the title, in this case I had to delete one and that cleared up the strange linking going on.

    Still doesn't make sense to me as adding a simple contact shouldn't create a random link to another phone number.

    Appreciate the help!
    01-26-15 08:34 PM

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