05-13-19 07:39 PM
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  1. neko123's Avatar
    I was just wondering who still uses a Q10

    Posted with my favorite blackberry Q10
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    09-10-18 10:00 AM
  2. skrble's Avatar
    Not anymore, thankfully. Once I got fed up with the lack of apps, most of the 3rd party solutions were crap anyway (especially all of the Nemory Studios s**t).
    I am on KEY series now. Performance is waaay ahead, no more fiddling with Nemory-like skinners etc.

    I used to love it, though. Was a bit unique, no word against it.
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    09-10-18 11:21 AM
  3. CerLo's Avatar
    I. Unless you're dependent on the coolest newest app lifestyle then bb10 ain't where it's at. Lucky me. I don't need apps to breathe.

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    09-10-18 05:47 PM
  4. playfoot's Avatar
    Have not stopped using it since it was first introduced. Note, I do use the P9983 as well, but that is essentially a trouble free Q10. When my stock is done or the lights are turned off in 2020 possibly, I will be at a loss for a replacement. BB has yet to introduce a replacement for the Q form factor, changeable battery, etc. . . . Remember, even Apple realised that not everyone wanted to pretend they are a star in Boogie Nights with bulging pockets.
    09-10-18 07:52 PM
  5. Halifax Guy's Avatar
    I was just wondering who still uses a Q10

    Posted with my favorite blackberry Q10
    I do without any issues performance wise, or use wise. It functions perfectly as a phone, for texts and browsing the Internet with the stock browser. The banking apps that I use all work as well today as when I installed them years ago. In fact I have no problems at all with my Q10. Still using the original battery and getting 8 to 12 hours out of it before it is down to 20%.

    Well worth the investment in my opinion.

    Q10 Powered
    09-10-18 08:27 PM
  6. ssirica's Avatar
    Still content with my Q10!

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    09-10-18 08:51 PM
  7. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    im not.
    but I think simple device and compact for activty

    BlackBerry Passport RED Edition
    09-11-18 02:07 AM
  8. mushroom_daddy's Avatar
    The Q10 is a highly pocketable device, for distraction free, super-efficient communication.
    My smartphone priority is communication, Email, text and phone calls and therefore I continue to use the Q10 as my daily work phone. The 9900 remains my all time favourite and I persisted in using that until earlier this year, when I finally accepted that the OS7 browser was too limiting. Now my SIM remains firmly planted in the Q10 (which I've had since new).

    I have had a KEYone, and I like Android with it's massive range of apps, but I simply found it too big to use for work and my typing was considerably slower and less accurate than with the Q10. I keep hoping (dreaming) that TCL / BBmobile will produce a smaller KEydevice, but I don't really think it's going to happen.
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    09-11-18 03:47 AM
  9. falcotec's Avatar
    using a Q10 for texting, calendar and address book with nextcloud, online radio, Bluetooth music streaming, alarms and timers, cascarun pro while biking, check price at near gas station, that's mainly it, all at home or on the bike, my daily driver is the BB Motion and will be the Key2 next year. I really appreciate the form factor of the Q10 device and it's keyboard.
    09-11-18 10:35 AM
  10. BBRYQ10's Avatar
    I do. Bought it in 2013 - the software was horrible. So many bugs.
    Replaced with Passport. Then Z10, Apple 7, Keyone, and then I moved back to Q10.

    I can't beat it's typing or size and weight.

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    09-11-18 03:52 PM
  11. meilenstein's Avatar
    It is one of a dozen or so BB10, BlackBerry Android, PlayBook and BBOS devices I keep charged and connected to my wifi. I am never more than 20 feet from a device anytime I'm at home. I do like using the Q10 when I'm working outside.
    09-11-18 07:00 PM
  12. mh1983's Avatar
    It is one of a dozen or so BB10, BlackBerry Android, PlayBook and BBOS devices I keep charged and connected to my wifi. I am never more than 20 feet from a device anytime I'm at home. I do like using the Q10 when I'm working outside.
    I use it and like a lot of things about it, but outdoor use is not one of them. The screen is so dim outdoors, even on the highest brightness.

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    09-11-18 10:14 PM
  13. zabalestmsm's Avatar
    Me. Bought one few days ago. What a handy phone it is. Can't believe I missed buying it way back in 2013, lol. I use it as a back up phone, alongside my iPhone X. I use it for texts and calls, and occasional internet. The battery life is surprisingly good, gives me 2 days easily as a back up device, as I use it less.

    The keyboard is the best I have ever used on a BlackBerry device. I have used KeyOne, Classic and Priv as well, but Q10's keyboard takes the cake for me.

    I just wish BlackBerry releases it with Android OS in 2019, as BB10 won't have support after 2019. It will be a blockbuster.

    BB10 OS never gets boring, unlike Android. Android OS has to be the most boring OS ever. BB10 OS could have beaten Android easily had it got applications like Android. Despite that I still like it more than Android OS. It had so much potential. iOS followed by BB10 OS for me.
    09-12-18 01:35 PM
  14. OrlandoAlex's Avatar
    I've had one for a year or so. I didn't like the lack of a toolbelt when I got it. Had a hard time adapting to the gestures. Sorely miss the physical call buttons and the back button. Pulled it out of a drawer a couple of days ago, started playing with it, found that the specs were basically the same as my daily driver Classic, and decided I'd try the Q10 as a daily driver. I've really enjoyed it, though I remembered mine doesn't have a working earpiece, and I even tried replacing the speaker to no avail, so I bought another one off of eBay. Should be rocking that Q10 as my daily driver as of Saturday, and really looking forward to it. I love the size, love the weight, love the removable battery. The biggest weakness of the Classic is the non-removable battery coupled with steep battery drain using Android apps.

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    09-12-18 10:37 PM
  15. Praganad's Avatar
    I'm back on using my Q10, I took a little break because I got a little burnt out with the lack of apps and sluggish performance on certain things, but after playing with googles pixel phone for almost a year I've realized how much I don't need apps and also how much I don't like Google secretly listening to my conversations. I appreciate bb10 and my Q10 even more now and how reliable it still is for being as old as it is now.

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    09-13-18 06:36 AM
  16. z10Jobe's Avatar
    I do.... every day.

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    09-13-18 10:51 PM
  17. Prince Fly's Avatar

    Posted from my BlackBerry Q10
    09-15-18 01:06 PM
  18. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    last year I used,but after that I was using blackberry passport

    BlackBerry Passport RED Edition
    09-16-18 12:52 AM
  19. utomo uinktyo's Avatar
    Me...,BBOS10 amazing software

    Sent From My Q10
    09-16-18 02:07 AM
  20. lolo9269's Avatar
    For my son for school it'is perfect small smartphone

    Me I use a classic and sometimes a q10

    Love Peace and Share
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    09-16-18 02:26 AM
  21. tegar ramadhanu kariadinata's Avatar
    Me...,BBOS10 amazing software

    Sent From My Q10

    BlackBerry Passport RED Edition
    09-16-18 06:53 AM
  22. tjazz1980's Avatar
    I switched back to Q10 after a month with android. Like an old friend- reliable, trustworthy.

    Its still the best device for emailing and texting in my opinion. I couldn't get used to the on screen typing and the software felt bloated and overly complicated.

    Yeah i wish the app selection was better on the 10 but overall it just works beautifully and simply. Battery life is way better on the Q10 and its the only sprint phone ive had where i can be on a call and use data at the same time. Not sure if other carriers are different but ive had both iphone and and android and the data doesnt work if you're on the phone.

    Long live bb10!

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    09-16-18 04:12 PM
  23. skrble's Avatar
    Battery life is way better on the Q10
    It'd be fair to tell us which Android phone you compare your old Q10 with. It wasn't a recent model for sure. Q10 has by far below-average battery life in today standards.
    09-17-18 02:18 AM
  24. Halifax Guy's Avatar
    That has not been the case with my Q10, great battery life on the original battery.

    Q10 Powered
    09-17-18 07:32 AM
  25. OrlandoAlex's Avatar
    I switched back to Q10 after a month with android. Like an old friend- reliable, trustworthy.
    Posted via CB10
    I did this, but from a KEYone to a Classic, and then a Q10. The Q10 is just an ideally sized PKB smartphone. The KEYone is hobbled by being too large to use one-handed, having a clunky Android OS, and being unable to take photos with any motion in them. The Q10 takes reliable, though lower-resolution shots, fits comfortably in my pocket and is very easy to use one-handed. It's a joy of a phone, even 5 years after launch.

    Posted via CB10
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    09-17-18 02:44 PM
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