1. jrsva2008's Avatar
    Couple times my Q10 has shut itself off when I've tossed it on to the bed and laid it down on a hard surface. That's a loose battery I guess. Somewhere there is a method someone did with an index card? Placed inside the battery compartment? Under or over battery? Or some other material?
    01-14-15 09:32 PM
  2. Joshu42's Avatar
    better to place a piece of plastic or foam not under or over the battery, but at the bottom, so both connectors stay firmly in contact.

    You can also place something between the cover and the battery but it's not recommended as you can break the RFID antenna and slightly deform the cover.

    If you use paper instead, you will have to change it from time to time.
    01-14-15 10:00 PM
  3. maxiang's Avatar
    I have a post around here somewhere with pictures of my solution...

    Ah, here it is: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-issue-976749/

    01-16-15 01:27 PM

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