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    I'm using Q10 with OS in the few days when i have incoming call my ringtone also rang for 1 time , after that it moved to silent n dont ring .After i restart,my Q10 become normal but at the end of day it rang one time and silent again

    How can i fix it ??

    PS : I run Bebuzz pro and Call x in background

    Help me ???
    03-25-14 11:03 PM
  2. dna47's Avatar
    First thing i'd try, is to delete both Bebuzz and Call x to see if everything gets back to normal. If it does, then i'd re-install Bebuzz and see if the problem gets back, if it doesn't, then i'd re-install Call X, if the problem comes back when re-installing Call X, then i'd delete Bebuzz and see if the problem persist, if it doesn't then i'd know that running those two apps together is causing the problem. But if re-installing one of the two apps alone brings up the problem, then i'd contact this app dev and explain the problem.
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    03-26-14 01:38 AM

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